Welcome to the Consumer Insight Action Panel

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EU policies and decision makers have already clearly recognised the importance of understanding and integrating consumer knowledge and behavioural insights into the circular economy transition. Nevertheless, there is still limited research on behaviour change with specific regard to the circular economy, and the need to consider behavioural and consumption aspects is still largely overlooked within circular strategies.

To address this gap, the CSCP, Sitra and DBU have set up the Consumer Insight Action Panel, a new European multistakeholder initiative designed to support the transition to the circular economy by generating, applying and testing consumer behavioural insights in circular strategies for textiles, plastics and electronics. How might we innovate to enable people to reduce, reuse, repair, share, recycle, or lease? Find out with us!

The work will be conducted in sector-focused Clubs, composed by high-level stakeholders including policy makers, business, cities, NGOs, SMEs and researchers, to jointly address circular economy challenges by better understanding and engaging consumers and citizens.

Looking for innovative and insightful approaches to enable change towards the circular behaviours that really matter? Becoming a club member is possible by invitation only and you can send us your Expression of Interest here:

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